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Notable NGA and Part-NGA Dogs

The following is a list of show titles and other accomplishments by dogs that have NGA breeding in their pedigree, and therefore would not be considered 'purebred' Greyhounds if the AKC closes the stud book to NGA dogs. It is our contention that these dogs have contributed to the betterment of the breed, and the significant number of show champions belies the argument that AKC and NGA Greyhounds are too different in type to be considered the same breed.

The list primarily lists dogs whose pedigrees had at least 1/32 NGA content (the equivalent of having one NGA great-great-grandparent) that earned AKC or CKC conformation, coursing, or advanced obedience titles. It also includes dogs from part-NGA pedigrees who have earned American Sighthound Field Association titles, and titles from the National Open Field Coursing Association and other performance-sport organizations. Dogs who earned Junior or Senior Coursing titles are not included unless they also had a Ch., CD, or field title. The list would have been prohibitively long if we had listed all full-NGA dogs with open field, lure coursing and amateur racing titles.

This list is not comprehensive.

Guide to title abbreviations

Ch Abracadabra of Cobberidge (1/4 NGA)
FC Alber La Touf SC CGC NA GRC (100% NGA)
Alexandra of Cobberidge CDX (1/4 NGA)
Alfran Houdinee LCM (100% NGA)
Ambur Smoke LCM (100% NGA)
Ch Amwell Ridge Pathfinder (1/64 NGA)
Ch Amwell Ridge Snowbound (1/64 NGA)
Ch Amwell Tenacity O'Arborcrest (1/64 NGA)
Ch Andarab Double Eagle (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Evening Showers (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Fine Summer Day (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Forget-Me-Not (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Glorious Morning (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Indigo Bunting (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Magic Raven (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Misty Cascades (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Night and Day (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Sea Lavender (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Stately Foxglove (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Sunlit Brook (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab White Clover (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Wild Oats (1/32 NGA)
Ch Andarab Wood Sorrel (1/32 NGA)
Can Ch Aurora Australis CanFCh JOR (100% NGA)
Ch Bar-Wick's Speed (100% NGA)
Champ was NGA registered as "Champion Speed". Since the AKC does not allow the word 'Champion' as part of a dog's registered name, his owner was allowed to use her kennel name when he was registered with the AKC. He then earned a show championship, restoring "champion" to his name.
Ch Best Bet of Canyon Crest (3/8 NGA)
BIF Bash's Kandy Kim F.Ch CC CM (100% NGA)
Beeline B Quick LCM3 (100% NGA)
Big Fast Comet CDX (100% NGA)
FC Bir Blondie SC (100% NGA)
Can Ch Black Polly SRM ORC (100% NGA)
Brittdale's Artru CanFCh LCM3 (100% NGA)
BW's Andrew JC CDX (100% NGA)
Canadian Company CC (100% NGA)
Ch Canyon Crest Cornish Lad (3/8 NGA)
Ch Canyon Crest's Golden Lady (3/4 NGA)
Ch Canyon Crest Sir Bodkins (3/16 NGA)
Ch Canyon Crest's Lady Lelant (3/8 NGA)
BIS Ch Canyon Crest Sir Bodkins (3/16 NGA)
Ch Carlyn's Charm (100% NGA)
Ch Chariot Flash (100% NGA)
Ch Chris E Kraft (100% NGA)
Ch Conamor Calla of Andarab (1/16 NGA)
Ch Conamor Painted Lady (1/16 NGA)
Ch Conamor Quite Frankly (1/16 NGA)
Ch Conamor Spirit Wind of Quest (1/16 NGA)
Conejo's Darq Design F.Ch CC CM (7/8 NGA)
BIF Craftique F.Ch (100% NGA)
Ch Crest of a Knave (100% NGA)
Ch Critical Acclaim (100% NGA)
Dal Pal Ricochet CDX (100% NGA)
Crystal Blue CC (100% NGA)
Ch Danjere Arrow Dynamic Mouse (1/8 NGA)
Ch Danjere Do you C What I C (1/8 NGA)
FC DD's Dream Girl SC LCM (100% NGA)
Dighton Donna FChX ORC SGRC RChX CGC (100% NGA)
Double C's Clown Hound CDX (100% NGA)
Double C's Good Time Charlie CDX (100% NGA)
Double C's M V P CDX (100% NGA)
Double C's Ron-Jon CDX (100% NGA)
Dublins Patches of Havoc CC (100% NGA)
Dublins Ruffian Prince CC (100% NGA)
Dublins Samson F.Ch CC CM (100% NGA)
EF Katie Ann LCM2 (100% NGA)
#1 ASFA Greyhound, 1994
End of Trail's Traveler ORC F.Ch (7//8 NGA)
Ch Enginuity Alluring Reflection (1/32 NGA)
Ch Enginuity's Fiery Reflection (1/32 NGA)
BIF Can Ch FF Angel's Streaking Comet (3/8 NGA)
Best in Field winner
Can Ch FF Jet Black at Snowghost F.Ch (3/8 NGA)
Can Ch FF Shooting Sassy (3/8 NGA)
Can Ch FF Super Sonic FChX AmFCh (3/8 NGA)
BIF Can Ch FF Tolkien's Dark Fenris FChX AmFCh (3/8 NGA)
BIF Can Ch FF Tolkien's Ebony Jaguar F.Ch CD (3/8 NGA)
Ch. Flornell Kingson of Salmagundi (50% NGA)
BIF FMC'S Dora F.Ch (100%  NGA)
Ch. Fyndhorn Episode Blu Moon (1/64 NGA)
Ch. Fyndhorn Episode Moonlight (1/64 NGA)
DC Godspeed Qui Tam F.Ch ORC (100% NGA)
Key is the first Greyhound to have earned bench, field and race titles.
Ch Golightly Ado Annie JC, CGC (1/4 NGA)
NOFCA pointed. Winner of BBE class at 1993 GCA Western Specialty under Barbara Wilton-Clark. Winner of Veterans Sweepstakes at 1999 GCA Eastern Specialty.
BISS Ch Golightly Blueberry Hill CDX OA OAJ JC Can CD (3/8 NGA)
BOB at the Greyhound Club of Canada National Specialty from the classes in 1998. He won his class at the GCA specialty under Sylvia Hammarstrom and made the cut under Ian Bond.
Ch Golightly Brand New Day JC (9/32 NGA)
Group placement from the classes, including BOB over specials.
Ch Golightly Dakota Sioux SC (1/4 NGA)
NOFCA pointed. Cody was RWD under Barbara Wilton-Clark at the 1993 GCA Western Specialty, RWD at the Greyhound Club of Canada specialty under Pat Ide, and BOS at the 1997 GCA Eastern Specialty under Patricia Gail Burnham. Made the cut at GCA specialties, under Annie Rogers Clark, Ian Bond, and Sylvia Hammarstrom.
Ch Golightly Domino (3/8 NGA)
Ch Golightly Gravity Storm JC (3/8 NGA)
WD and BOW at 1997 GCA Eastern Specialty
Ch Golightly Karma Chameleon SC (3/8 NGA)
Golightly Kiss of Chaos JC CD (3/8 NGA)
BIF DC & Can Ch Golightly Really Rosie CGC SC F.Ch Am/CanCD VC (50% NGA)
The first AKC Dual Champion in the breed, Rosie was also NOFCA pointed. She was a multiple BIF winner with at least five, because I remember being surprised when she matched her mom's number.
BIF DC Golightly Runaround Sue CGC CD F.Ch. CD TT VC (50% NGA)
NOFCA pointed and a Best in Field winner.
Golightly Water Lily CD (50% NGA)
Golightly Wicked Games F.Ch (3/8 NGA)
Gypsy Boots CC (100% NGA)
Ch Halcyon Royalty (1/4 NGA)
Ch Hero's Trojan (100% NGA)
Hexham's Magik Shadow Dancer Am/Can CD SC (3/32 NGA)
Ch Hot Jazz (100% NGA)
Ch Hunting Hollow Blythe Spirit (25% NGA)
Ch Huntington Point CC CM (50% NGA)
Huntington Point was the top record holding greyhound and sighthound of all time in NOFCA competition in her time. Huntington also had an impressive class show career by twice defeating the top show Greyhound of all time, when they meton their way to their Championships.
Ch Huntington's Brigadier (50% NGA)
Ch Huntington's Master McGrath F.Ch (50% NGA)
Can Ch HW's China Doll FCHX Am F.Ch VOR VSR JOR TT CGC RTD (100% NGA)
Illegal Motion LCM (100% NGA)
Jim Cruz CDX (100% NGA)
Joe Dixon LCM (100% NGA)
Ch Kathryn (100% NGA)
Keystone Katie UD (100% NGA)
FC Kids Blue Moon SC (100% NGA)
Ch Kirklea Andarab Autumn Haze (1/32 NGA)
Ch Kirklea Conamor Charisma (1/8 NGA)
Ch Kirklea How High The Moon (1/16 NGA)
Ch Kirklea Lodestone (1/32 NGA)
Ch Kirklea Planters Moon (1/32 NGA)
Ch Kirklea September Song (1/16 NGA)
Ch Kirklea TN Woods' Hunter's Moon (1/32 NGA)
KL'S Idgie Lou CDX OA (100% NGA)
KL's Mandoid From Marze CDX OA MX MXJ (100% NGA)
Top AKC agility Greyhound in 2000.
Koni Lambchop UD (100% NGA)
Ch K-Pasa Baha Duster (1/8 NGA)
Ch K-Pasa Blushing Diva (1/8 NGA)
Ch K-Pasa Chakotay (1/8 NGA)
K-Pasa No Bleach No Blonde (1/32 NGA)
Best Puppy in Sweepstakes, 2001 Potomac Hound Club under Greyhound fancier Dennis Sprung.
Ch K-Pasa Qua Utz (1/16 NGA)
Ch K-Pasa Ysidora Pretty Sky (1/16 NGA)
Krafty Zag F.Ch CGC TT (100% NGA)
Can Ch Lakilanni Aurora El Kandahar CanFChx F.Ch CC CM CD SOR (50% NGA)
FC & Can Ch Lakilanni Barbie Doll CanFChX AmFCh ORC ORCh GRC SRCH CGC RTD (1/2 NGA)
Barbie shares the title of the world's most titled Greyhound with her daughter Tyrdrop. She lacks only single points for her AKC Ch and FC.
Lakilanni Blue Jean Baby Am/Can F.Ch SRM CGC (3/16 NGA)
Can Ch Lakilanni Blue Tail Fly (3/16 NGA)
Am/Can Ch Lakilanni Broken Arrow CanFChX F.Ch SRCh SC JOR CGC RTD (50% NGA)
Arrow has won BIF's on both sides of the border, and is a Triathalon winner.
Can Ch Lakilanni Colour Me Gone F.Ch JC (11/32 NGA)
Can Ch Lakilanni Devil in a Blu Dress SC AmFCh (3/16 NGA)
FC & Can Ch Lakilanni Forever in Blu Jeans CanFChX LCM6 ORM JOR RTD CGC (3/8 NGA)
Denim is the top lure coursing Greyhound in ASFA history, and the all time top winning dog in Canadian coursing history. She has won many major coursing events including BOB at the International Invitational, the Gillette Stake (the only Greyhound to ever do so), numerous Regional BOBs and BIFs, and has won a record 51 Best in Fields. She was the #1 AKC coursing Greyhound in 1999. In the show ring, she finished her Can Ch at a supported entry, and was twice BOS at the Canadian National Specialty.
Can Ch Lakilanni Ice Maiden Am/Can F.Ch CGC ORC (50% NGA)
Am/Can Ch Lakilanni Love Her Madly CanFChX AmFCh SRCH JC SOR BPD CGC (11/32 NGA)
Maddie is currently #1 all breeds in both CARA and NOTRA racing. She was BW at the National Specialty under a breeder/judge. She finished her Am Ch with 3 majors, and is also open field pointed. For 2001, she is #1 for both AKC and CKC coursing, #1 CARA All breed racing, #2 NOTRA, and in the Top Ten for both ASFA and LGRA.
Lakilanni Oh What a Feeling JC JOR Am/Can F.Ch (11/32 NGA)
DC & Can Ch Lakilanni Scatpak Barracuda CanFChX LCM SRM ORM SC CGC (3/16 NGA)
Cuda has finished his AKC Ch in 10 shows, earning his LCM on his 2nd birthday, and has also won both breed and mixed hunts in the open field. In the show ring, he has multiple specialty wins, including BIS at a sighthound specialty.
Can Ch Lakilanni Silmarillion Can F.Ch GRC JOR (50% NGA)
Ch Lakilanni Spirit In The Sky JC (3/16 NGA)
Sky earned multiple BOS over specials as a puppy on the way to his championship.
DC & Can Ch Lakilanni Tears in Heaven FChX LCM2 ORC ORCh SRCh SC (11/32 NGA)
Tyrdrop is currently tied with her mother as the world's most titled Greyhound, and is a multi BIF winner, including winning the GCA Specialty field trial. As a special, she has BOB and BOS wins to her credit. She is also open field pointed. In 2000, she was in the top ranking of every sport she competed in, including CARA, LGRA and NOTRA racing, and CKC, AKC, and ASFA coursing. She is one of an elite group of dogs that hold championships in conformation, coursing, and racing.
Can Ch Lakilanni Turn Me Loose ORCh (1/4 NGA)
Laura Lindbergh LCM2 (100% NGA)
Ch Le Degage Levrier (50% NGA)
FC Lindsay Party SC (100% NGA)
Linda Whiz CC (100% NGA)
LL's Tina Turner CM (100% NGA)
Longshot Lenny CC CM LCM (100% NGA)
Lopez Showoff CC CM (100% NGA)
Lucky Horizon LCM (100% NGA)
M H Bubble Up LCM (100% NGA)
M.W.'s Lazy Lady CC CM (100% NGA)
Madras Bare Facts LCM (100% NGA)
Ch Mahtrow's New Sensation (1/16 NGA)
Ch Mahtrow's Preferred Design (1/16 NGA)
Am Can Ch Mahtrow's Rhapsody in Blue (1/16 NGA)
Ch Mahtrow's Ringside Rumors (1/8 NGA)
BIF Michelle Lente F.Ch (100% NGA)
Michele's Egypt SC F.Ch CGC CDX (100% NGA)
Ch Miladys Call the Wind (1/4 NGA)
Miladys Duska of Valcor CD (3/8 NGA)
Ch Miladys Wayward Wind (50% NGA)
FC More of Judy (100% NGA)
BIF My Friend Gloria F.Ch SC CGC (100% NGA)
Ch Morley's Sue CD F.Ch. LCM2 VCX (100% NGA)
Tiger Lily was the top lure coursing greyhound in the country and won five Best in Fields, the New England Cup for Greyhounds, and Best in Field at the Grand Prix. Awarded the Greyhound Club of America's Versatility Certificate Excellent. Among the judges who awarded her conformation show points over "pure" show-bred dogs was Greyhound breeder-judge Gloria Reese.
FC M's K Lofton LCM3 SC (100% NGA)
Sadie has been ASFA top 20 for 5 consecutive years with multiple BIF and won the AKC National Specialty lure coursing in 1997 to retire the Traveler Trophy.
Magic Defense CC CM LCM (100% NGA)
BIF Malmo LCM2 (100% NGA)
Ch Mutual Friend (100% NGA)
BIF My Best Friend Gloria F.Ch SC CGC (100% NGA)
Never Make It CD NA NAJ F.Ch CGC (100% NGA)
FC NFC LH Bronco JC (100% NGA)
BIF No Big Whoop CGC LCM TDI JORC (100% NGA)
Nutmegan of Tachevah CDX SC (100% NGA)
Ch On-Da-Way Skipper CD (1/4 NGA)
Patches of W G CC CM F.Ch (100% NGA)
P.D.Q. Keno CC GC (100% NGA)
Perfecta Pat LCM (100% NGA)
Point Breeze California Girl LCM SC (11/16 NGA)
FC Point Breeze Dark Victory ORC SC F.Ch (13/16 NGA)
Point Breeze Double Feature CC CM (1/4 NGA)
Point Breeze Dream Drifter CC CM LCM (3/4 NGA)
Point Breeze Eureka CC (3/4 NGA)
FC Point Breeze Evening Whisper CC CM ORC SC (15/16 NGA)
Point Breeze How Sweet It Is CM (7/8 NGA)
FC Mex Int'l Ch Point Breeze Intruder SC (7/8 NGA)
Ch Point Breeze Leader CC F.Ch (3/8 NGA)
FC Point Breeze Legacy SC (11/16 NGA)
Point Breeze Napa Valley Drifter CC CM (7/8 NGA)
FC Point Breeze Pacific Pride SORC SC (7/8 NGA)
FC Point Breeze Point Taken ORC CC CM (7/8 NGA)
FC Point Breeze Skywalker ORC SC (11/16 NGA)
Point Breeze Snowdrift F.Ch CC CM (3/4 NGA)
Point Breeze Southern Siren LCM (11/16 NGA)
FC Point Breeze Travis Memory CC CM F.Ch SC (11/16 NGA)
Point Breeze Unique Gift CC CM (3/4 NGA)
Point Breeze Via Conejo F.Ch CC CM (3/4 NGA)
Grand Course winner
Ch Point Breeze Via Zephyr Reach LCM CC CM (7/8 NGA)
Ch Point Breeze Wild Harvest LCM CC CM (3/4 NGA)
Point Breeze Wild Heritage LCM CC CM (3/4 NGA)
All-time cumulative high-scoring NOFCA hound. Winner of Grand Course, 1986.
FC Point Breeze Wind Dancer SC (7/8 NGA)
Can Ch Point Breeze Windwood Vignete CanFCh SOR (11/16 NGA)
Pt Breeze Sunarise Windboarne LCM
P's Call Bell CDX SC F.Ch (100% NGA)
Owen earned his CD in four trials with two High in Trial awards, and earned a first and second placement while earning his CDX. He was also major pointed in AKC lure coursing.
Can Ch Pseudo Black FChX CC (100% NGA)
Group placer in the show ring.
Ch Raja's Midnite Flash of Milady (50% NGA)
Ch Range Officer (100% NGA)
FC Regal Ruler SC F.Ch CGC (100% NGA)
Ch Regil's Big Mac (50% NGA)
Rimrock Onery LCM (1O0% NGA)
Riva Vista CC CM (1O0% NGA)
Ch Royal Harmony (100% NGA)
Run Always Cream Puff CC CM (1/8 NGA)
BIF S.L. Jay Rocket F.Ch (100% NGA)
FC Savanna's All Sistas Go SC LCM (100% NGA)
Savanna's Born to Bee Wild LCM2 SC (100% NGA)
Savanna's Loco Motion LCM (100% NGA)
FC Second Wind Black Comet LCM3 (100% NGA)
Blacky was # 1 ASFA in 1996. She was ASFA Top Ten for four of her five years competing and is a multiple BIF winner.
FC Second Wind Indiana LCM (100% NGA)
Indy is a multiple BIF Winner and was in the 1994 ASFA Top Ten.
FC Second Wind Sportster (NXS Miss Sparky) LCM2 (100% NGA)
Sparky was a multiple BIF and BIE winner with many perpetual trophies to her credit was ASFA # 1 in 1995 and Winner of the GCA coursing trial in 1995.
FC Second Wind Sunbeam SC LCM2 (100% NGA)
SG's Ballroom Dancer CDX (100% NGA)
FC Shadow Ring CDX SC (100% NGA)
BIF Sheba Meadow LCM GrandFCh (100% NGA)
Can Ch Sidepatch CanFCh (100% NGA)
Group placer in the show ring, Patch was also pointed in the open field.
BIF Sheba Meadow LCM GrandFCh (100% NGA)
Snow CC CM (100% NGA)
Stardancer's Sachet CD F.Ch (50% NGA)
Ch Strider CC CM (50% NGA)
Winner of NOFCA Grand Course
Strike (1/8 NGA)
FC Sunrunner Gold SC LCM2 (100% NGA)
Survivorship LCM (100% NGA)
Can Ch Terrible Tinker FChX CC (100% NGA)
Top Vindicator LCM (100% NGA)
BIF True Design F.Ch (100% NGA)
BIF Treybeau's Fantasy LCM5 (100% NGA)
Ch Tyline's Ino Lucky (100% NGA)
Uphill Hope F.Ch (100% NGA)
Ch Valmars Blu Flynt of Lyncara CD (1/8 NGA)
Am Can Ch Val-Mar's Kaladi of Sohl (3/16 NGA)
Ch Val-Mar's Mystic Blu Stryder (1/8 NGA)
Vicarious CC CM (100% NGA)
FC Vintage Moments SC LCM ORC CC CM (100% NGA)
Winner of Grand Course.
Vistas Athena CC (3/4 NGA)
#1 in NOFCA coursing for four consecutive years and #2 NOFCA hound in lifetime career points.
Vistas Dardanus Point Breeze CC CM (23/32 NGA)
Vistas Helena CC CM (23/32 NGA)
Vistas Selene CC CM (23/32 NGA)
Can Ch White Sails of Windwood CanFCh (50% NGA)
FC Wild Abby Leigh SC (100% NGA)
Will Call SC LCM3 (100% NGA)
DC Winds Ariel Red Hunter LCM2 (5/8 NGA)
Red finished Number 1 ASFA in 2000 and is a multiple BIF winner.
DC Winds Ariel Square Four LCM2 (5/8 NGA)
Atom completed his US show championship at 21 months old with multiple show BOBs including major wins over Specials. Atom finished ASFA Number 4 in 2000 and is a multiple BIF winner with many perpetual trophies.
FC Winds The Hot Desert One O' TnT SC F.Ch (5/8 NGA)
Sirocco is AKC conformation pointed and finished her first year lure coursing as AKC's Number 1 all hounds for 2000 and ASFA number 5 2000. Sirocco has about 30 BIFs to date.
Can Ch Windwood Angel in the Morning Can F.Ch RTD (50% NGA)
Ch Windwood Apollo F.Ch (1/4 NGA )
Can Ch Windwood Ardulite FChX (5/8 NGA)
Windwood Anthracite F.Ch CanFChX ORC (1/8 NGA)
Windwood Arlecchina CanFChX (7/16 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Best Bib N Tucker Can F.Ch SOR (5/8 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Caermaerthon Silver FChX ORC (5/8 NGA)
Can Ch BIF Windwood Count of Monte Cristo FChX (1/4 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Dark Vision SOR Can FChX (5/8 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Devil May Care FChX (5/8 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Evenstar Am F.Ch Can FChX JOR RTD (50% NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Guiseppe Verdi CanFCh (3/4 NGA)
Ch Windwood Helenwheels Golightly JC CGC (5/8 NGA)
Ch Windwood Millenium Blue Mirage CanFCh ORC (13/32 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Millennium Galaxy F.Ch SORC CanFChX (13/32 NGA)
Vita was the #1 lure coursing dog in Canada for 2000, tied for #1 NOTRA.
Can Ch Windwood Millenium Goshawk Am/Can F.Ch ORC (13/32 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Millennium Snowbird ORC Am/Can F.Ch (13/32 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Obsidian FChX ORC SOR (5/8 NGA)
Windwood Morningstar FChX (1/2 NGA)
Windwood Point Breeze Venture CC CM F.Ch SC (50% NGA)
Ch Windwood Sweet Arriba F.Ch TD TT CGC VC (1/4 NGA)
Awarded Greyhound Club of America Versatility Certificate.
Am/Can Ch Windwood The Windjammer (1/4 NGA)
#3 greyhound in Canada, though only shown locally Completed his Am Ch undefeated in the classes.
Windwood Unique Star F.Ch (50% NGA)
Can Ch BIF Windwood Vanity Fair FChX Am F.Ch CD CC RTD (1/4 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Vent D'Hiver CC CM Can CD F.Ch CanFChX (50% NGA)
Am/Can Ch Windwood Virtual Reality CanFCHX SOR (3/4 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Venus FChX Am F.Ch CD CC RTD (1/4 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Vivaldi (3/4 NGA)
Can Ch Windwood Vol Au Vent F.Ch CanFChX (50% NGA)
Ch Windwood Whirling Wicca JC (5/8 NGA)
Windwood's Heading Out to Eden F.Ch ORC (5/8 NGA)
FC Winning Night F.Ch SC (100% NGA)
The first AKC Field Champion Greyhound.
FC WW Knucklehead (100% NGA)
Zephyr Kandahar F.Ch CanFCh SOR ORC
Can Ch Zephyr's Reach Happy Trails F.Ch CC CM (3/4 NGA)
Can Ch Zephyr's Reach Ragin' Rapids CC
Can Ch Zephyr's Minstral F.Ch CanFChX (100% NGA)
Guide to the title abbreviations
Prefixes (before the dog's name)
BIF Best In Field in American Sighthound Field Association event
BISS Best In Specialty Show
Ch Show Champion (American Kennel Club = AKC)
Can Ch Canadian Show Champion (Canadian Kennel Club = CKC)
FC Field Champion (AKC)
DC Dual Champion (AKC)
indicates AKC show and field championship
Suffixes (after the dog's name)
CC Coursing Champion (National Open Field Coursing Association = NOFCA)
CD Companion Dog (AKC)
CDX Companion Dog Excellent (AKC)
CGC Canine Good Citizen (AKC)
GrandFCh Grand Field Champion (ASFA) [no longer offered]
CM Courser of Merit (NOFCA)
FCh or F.Ch American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) Field Champion
FChX Field Champion Excellent (usually CKC but this was at one time an ASFA title as well)
JC Junior Courser (AKC)
JOR Junior Oval Racer (NOTRA)
GRC Gazehound Racing Champion (Large Gazehound Racing Association = LGRA)
LCM Lure Courser of Merit (ASFA)
As points are accumulated, multiple LCM titles may be earned, such as LCM3
MX Master Agility Excellent (AKC)
NAJ Novice Agility Jumper (AKC)
OA Open Agility (AKC)
OAJ Open Agility Jumper (AKC)
ORC or ORCh Oval Racing Champion (Canadian Amateur Racing Association = CARA)
ORM Oval Racer of Merit (CARA)
RTD Registered Therapy Dog
SC Senior Courser (AKC)
SOR Senior Oval Racer (NOTRA)
SORC Supreme Oval Racing Champion (NOTRA)
SRCh Straight Racing Champion (CARA)
SRM Straight Racer of Merit (CARA)
TD Tracking dog [scentwork] (AKC)
TT Temperment Tested (American Temperament Testing Society)
UD Utility Dog (AKC)
VC Versatility Certificate (Greyhound Club of America = GCA)
VCX Versatility Certificate Excellent (GCA)

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Revised 2 February 2003, S. Pober

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