Playful Puppies at Golightly

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fiangel_tn.jpg There's a tree on our property with twin trunks and a hollow that collects water. The pups love jumping through the "V" of the trunk where it splits and launching attacks on their siblings.

Left: Fiona and Angel
Right: Guy, Angel, Maisie, Ripley, and George

They are fascinated by the hollow where rain collects and prefer 'tree water' to 'sink water'.
boys_tn.jpg tree1_tn.jpg tree3_tn.jpg
Only one pup's head can fit in the hollow of this tree. As you can see, the competition is fierce.
boys2.jpg fi&zana.jpg fiandzana.jpg
speedears.jpg ripleyoverhead.jpg

Top row: General puppy wrestlemania.
Bottom row: Pup demonstrates proper "speed ears" position, and Ripley decides it's too hot to get up and wrestle, so he conducts a play-fight whilst lying on his side.
geoandfio.jpg For baby puppies, the world is filled with chew toys. Or maybe it would be more correct to say everything and everyone IS a chew toy...

Right: George discovers that the wood moves around less and allows for more leisurely eating than gnawing on his sisters.

everyone.jpg georipleyandfiona.jpg 4pups.jpg
We play with the pups using a lure toy that is made from a long pole much like a fishing pole and line. The coveted lure is just a white plastic bag. They love this, and as a result, most of the time, our yard has tiny little bits of plastic strewn about.
guyzanaandgeorge.jpg georgeguyandfiona.jpg ripandgeo.jpg
fiandguy.jpg guy.jpg ripley.jpg
3pups.jpg blurrygeorge.jpg guyandlure.jpg

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