Jello Puppies

It's hard to pose young puppies for formal "stacked" portraits. They usually are extremely fidgety and refuse to stay in one pose for more than a few seconds. Using an autofocus digital camera makes this doubly difficult because after you trigger the camera, it takes a few seconds of calculation before actually recording the shot.

As a result, we try to take formal pictures of puppies only after they've been running around a bit, so that they're tired enough to stand still.

This page is a group of photos taken when we miscalculated just how tired they needed to be - the puppies weren't fidgety, but they kept collapsing into sleepy heaps. It was like trying to make sculptures out of jello.

The photos below are thumbnails - click on the photo to see a larger, detailed image

zgeorge_tn.jpg We never could get George into a standing position during this particular photo session, but I thought he looked pretty cute curled up on the table. zzgeorge_tn.jpg
ssfiona_tn.jpg Here's a series of Fiona obviously asleep on her feet. We tried bribing her with some food, which you can see her enjoying on the right. sfiona_tn.jpg
ssfiona_tn.jpg ssfiona_tn.jpg
This next series is of Leona (now known as Raven) and Spike. They don't look quite as tired as the above two because this time we had two people helping with the photos. One held up the head, one held up the rest of the puppy. The puppies had been sacked out after about 2 steady hours of play when these photos were taken, so even with all the support, they kept trying to melt back down into little sleeping lumps.

propleona_tn.jpg proppingleona_tn.jpg pleona_tn.jpg

After all this, WE were just as tired as they were! spikeholdup_tn.jpg spike_tn.jpg
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Revised 4 July 02